[Video] Prisoners Posts Video Of A Fire Burning In South Carolina Prison With No Guards In Site To Put The Fire Out

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Ear Hustle 411 was sent a video of a South Carolina prison burning where the prisoners say that the guards are basically letting the fire burn and the inmates have to inhale the smoke.

These inmates can die of smoke inhalation.  They have basic human rights and they are being horribly violated.  They should not be treated inhumane because they are prisoners.

The prisoners claim they been locked down for  3 to four months and they been getting fed cold food.  He said the police walked off the wing and letting the prison burn at Kershaw Correctional Institution.

Kershaw Correctional Institution is a medium security prison that houses adult males.  The current capacity of Kershaw Correctional Institution is 1,403 inmates.  This facility houses inmates in double and triple bunks.

However, regardless of what these inmates are locked up for, this is no way to treat human beings.  Call the prison and ask them is this what your tax dollars are being used for.


Check out the video below:


Physical Address:

Kershaw Correctional Institution
4848 Gold Mine Highway
Kershaw, SC 29067




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