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Inkster, MI Officer Terminated After Beating Caught On Police Car Dash Cam

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INKSTER, Mich. (WJBK) – One of the police officers involved in the apparent beating of a Detroit man during a traffic stop will be fired.

Bill Melendez, one of the officers seen in a dash cam allegedly beating Floyd Dent, will be fired from the Inkster Police Department.

“This is a big step in the right direction for the city of Inkster,” said Nicholas Bennett, one of Dent’s attorneys. “Too often do we see officers like Melendez get a free ride.”

Melendez was placed on desk duty stemming from the January incident where Dent, 57,  was pulled over, then kicked and punched more than a dozen times.

Now multiple sources confirm to FOX 2 that Melendez has been suspended for five days, pending his termination.

In a written statement, Inkster city councilman Michael Canty said.  “His employment with the city of Inkster has been terminated.”

“The video speaks for itself, you see a black man getting beaten by two police officers – Melendez specifically,” Bennett said. “And had it not been for our exposing all this video, we don’t know if he would have been on desk duty.”

A criminal investigation into the matter is still underway. While Melendez may be off the streets in Inkster, it appears he’ll still be working.

His company Strategic Security Detroit claims they provide “premier service with integrity, innovation, respect and accountability.”

Now it seems Melendez  is the one being held accountable.

“I really have got to give it to Floyd Dent for coming forward in this case and taking the risk,” Bennett said. “It is a scary thing to expose police like this, especially as a black man in America.”

FOX 2 did reach out to attorney David Lee who has represented Melendez before. He said he had no comment because right now, there are no criminal charges.  Lee added this is Inksters’ right, he just hopes everyone will hold judgement until everything is sorted out.

Source: FOX Detroit

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