Convicted Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke Will Lose His Health Benefits In About Six Months

When it rains…it pours!!  How many times have people been in the unforgiving side of one never-ending crisis after another?

Convicted Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke’s request for a new trial has been rejected and his sentencing is scheduled to move forward.

Van Dyke can now add the quickly approaching loss of his health benefits to his list of pouring rains.

Read more as reported by the Chicago SunTimes:

Photo Credit: Antonio Perez

The Van Dyke case . . . 

It’s never over.

Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke, who is awaiting sentencing for killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonaldfour years ago, has a new worry while in protective custody in Rock Island County Jail.


“He’s just been informed his FOP [Fraternal Order of Police] family health benefits may run out soon … like in six months,” said Van Dyke’s attorney Dan Herbert,who was chatting in his office with Van Dyke’s wife, Tiffany — when Sneed called.

“She just told me she was recently informed by the FOP there was paperwork for her to sign regarding severance and insurance,” he said.

“They are now a family of little means.

“His wife, Tiffany, who works as a server in the food and beverage business, now has to look for work which will provide insurance for her and the couple’s two children,” added Herbert.

It’s not just the fear of facing a long prison sentence stemming from the fatal shooting of McDonald — whom Van Dyke shot 16 times.

As Van Dyke, who was found guilty of second degree murder, awaits his next appearance in court Friday on motions attempting to secure a new trial, he “now has to deal with this nightmare for his family,” said Herbert.

“He’s anxious and scared and who wouldn’t be?” he added. “He’s lost weight, reads Christian texts sent to him, and sees his family one hour a week.

“But his wife told me Van Dyke told his children to remember to buy presents for their mother,” Herbert added.

Tiffany then could be heard piping in:  “And I told them the only present I want is to wake up Christmas morning and see my husband back sitting on the couch in our home!”

Stay tuned.

Source: Chicago SunTimes

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