The Mother Of The Morgan Park Teen Involved In Savage Beating Seeks Answers From The School

A young girl was jumped by several girls for apparently “liking” another girl’s boyfriends post on social media. The fight was captured on cellphone camera as the disturbing attack unfolded.

Social media seems to be at the forefront of many issues involving young people. What the technology has brought out is savage acts and immoral behavior. It’s sad that the first thing a person will do is set to record a disturbing act and for what to get “likes”!!

The mother of the young girl spoke with ABC7 and is now seeking answers from the school. Even though the school says they are investigating the brawl, the mother says it’s just not enough.

Read more as reported by ABC7Chicago:

A Chicago mother is speaking out after her daughter was beaten by her classmates at Morgan Park High School Friday afternoon.

A cell phone video of the incident shows the altercation between sophomore Ashley Neely and several other students.

In the video, one person approaches Ashley at her locker before another girl throws a punch. A larger brawl quickly breaks out, with several people trying to kick, hit or stomp on Ashley.

“When I seen that video and her being stomped like that, she could’ve died from that,” said Ashley’s mother, Stacy Hart. “This is like mob action, this you know, a gang attack. And you know my daughter could have died if they kept stomping her like that.”

Ashley told her mother the fight started because she had “liked” a social media post from another girl’s boyfriend.

“This is school, this is a place where you are supposed to be learning,” Hart said. “You know this kind of senseless nonsense about a post on social media shouldn’t be on your mind where a place you should be receiving education.”

The Chicago Public School District told ABC7 in a statement that “the unacceptable conduct in this video does not represent the values of the district.”

Hart said Ashley suffered major bruising all over her body, a swollen eye, and knots on her head.

“Luckily security was there…because if this was walking home or someplace else, she may not be here, there may not have been nobody around to stop it,” Hart said. “Only the other kids with the phones recording and they would have recorded her death.”

CPS officials said they are investigating the incident, but Hart said that more needs to be done.

Source: ABC7Chicago

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