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Hirsch Metropolitan High School Among The 10 Schools Announced To Receive $10K Of Chance The Rapper’s $1Mil Donation

Hirsch Metropolitan High School is about to acquire some much needed assistance to help with their strive to turn the school around. Chance The Rapper announced 10 schools who are set to receive funds from his $1 Million dollar donation to CPS. Hirsch was amongst the first wave of schools to receive funds.

Hirsch had been making headlines in the past due to the low enrollment of students attending the school and the future of the school was uncertain. Hirsch’s principal Mr. Larry D. Varn keeps an optimistic outlook about the school and his number one priority is to educate the students who are currently in attendance by providing them the best education there is and encouraging them to stay positive even when things look bleak.

While the enrollment may be of low numbers, the spirit of the Huskies has always been high. That’s always been the Huskies way!!

Read more as reported by CBS:

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chance the Rapper announced Thursday via Twitter the ten Chicago public schools that will receive $10,000 checks as a part of his $1 million donation to CPS.

During his Monday press conference, Chance announced the donation of $1 million to CPS for “arts and enrichment programs.” Chance called on companies, corporations and stars around the U.S. to also take action. He said he will match each $100,000 with an additional $10,000 donation to individual CPS schools, starting with Weston Elementary, which is near his childhood home.

Chance tweeted out Thursday a list of the 10 schools:

– Weston Elementary School
– Nathan S. Davis Elementary School
– Mahalia Jackson Elementary School
– Charles Carroll Elementary School
– Roberto Clemente Community Academy
– Paul Robeson High School
– Orr Academy High School
– Hirsch Metropolitan High School
– Benito Juarez Community Academy
– Fenger Academy High School

CPS has said it could end the school year as soon as June 1 if the state does not provide more funding.

The district also has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the state, claiming the state’s education funding system discriminates against poor minority students who make up the majority of the CPS student body.

Source: CBS 2 Chicago

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