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Chance The Rapper Faces Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over His 2012 Track “Windows”

It becoming quite clear that Chance The Rapper can’t escape the drama.   He’s about to face a huge challenge that most artists cringe and dread ever having to go through and that’s being sued for copyright infringement.  It’s a very grueling and stressful process for all parties involved.

The premise of copyright infringement is very similar to plagiarism.  Basically using material of someone’s without getting their express permission or giving proper credit.

A New York musician is saying just that in his lawsuit against Chance The Rapper.  He claims he never authorized the use of any sample of the music used in the Windows track.

Looks like Chance has to face the music to clear his name.

EarHustle411 will be keeping our ears to the streets for updates on this case.

Read more as reported by Billboard:

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Chance the Rapper was sued Tuesday (Sept. 12) for alleged copyright infringement over his song “Windows” off his debut mixtape 10 Day that came out in 2012.

The plaintiff, a New-York based jazz musician and composer named Abdul Wali Muhammad (formerly Eric P. Saunders) claims the song contains portions of the Lonnie Liston Smith song “Bridge Through Time,” which Muhammad filed a separate copyright claim for in 1979, a year before it was released.

Muhammad claims that he never granted Chance the permission to use the sample, and is seeking damages for the infringement. In his eight-page complaint, he also requests a court order from a federal judge to stop Chance from “copying, distributing, performing, selling or offering to sell Chance’s song ‘Windows.’”

Muhummad, who now works as a criminal and civil rights lawyer, says that he first became aware of “Windows” in April 2017 and reached out to Chance’s management in May to request a cease of infringement but did not receive a response.

It is clear that Chance’s song contains samples from a remix of “Bridge Through Time” by Apollo Brown, who is a credited producer on Chance’s song, but Muhammad’s ownership of the material remains unclear.

Source: Billboard

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