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Organization Accepting Donations To Perform Abortions Specifically To Murder Black Babies

EarHustle411 constantly comes across some of the most bizarre stories that make us shake our heads is complete disbelief.

Photo Credit: Facebook

We came across a video post on Facebook of what appears to be a phone call inquiring about donating to Planned Parenthood and what you’ll hear on this call will flip your lids. We cannot confirm if the footage is real or not however it doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

Apparently the caller was more than willing to donate funds to the organization to perform an abortion however the kicker is the donor wanted their funds to be used solely for African-Americans seeking to abort their babies.

The organization representative is seemingly excited about the donation and stutters a bit when the caller makes the rather odd request. What’s mind-boggling is the representative acknowledged the request was rather different but didn’t hesitate to confirm the donation will be used for the caller’s specific request.

Listen to the call and share your thoughts.

Source: Facebook

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