Exclusive: Earhustle411 Gets Cozy With Artist Diggy Simmons At The Chicago Football Classic

Diggy Simmons

Never does a day go by where I am not truly grateful for any opportunities that cross my path. Earhustle411 had the pleasure of covering the Chicago Football Classic for the first time. This year marked the 17th year the “Classic” was played. Morehouse College and Central State University went head to head.

While the teams were on the field battling for bragging rights, Earhustle411’s Media Correspondent Jameisha Trice was getting the lowdown from one of Hip Hop’s Royalty Family Members none other than Diggy Simmons.

This young man (and he is now a grown man ladies) has come into his own away from the superstar status of his legendary father Reverend Run of the Trio Run DMC.  What’s amazing about Diggy is he made it clear that his being at the “Classic” was not about him as much as it was about him supporting his boy Spenzo, who just so happened to be performing in the halftime show.

Check out Diggy Simmons and Jameisha Trice getting caught up on what’s happening in Diggy’s World:

Diggy came through to show his friend support and that’s what’s this industry should be all about, showing love and support for each other. There’s more than enough room at the “dinner table” for everyone.  He does have some new projects in the fire and I am sure they will set the industry ablaze when they are finally released.

Big Ups to Diggy Simmons for taking time out for his friend and for showing love to Earhustle411.

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