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Congratulations to Earhustle 411 Family Jameisha Trice On Millennium Park

Congratulations to Earhustle 411's Jameisha Trice Millennium Park

Jameisha Trice Millennium Park

On Sat May 27th for Memorial Day Weekend, our very own media correspondent and celebrity interviewer Jameisha Trice graced the beautiful Millennium Park stage to celebrate House Music in Chicago.

Her featured performance with the House Legacy Project placed her in the spotlight with an light estimate of over 50,000 people.

Jameisha is slated to release a new project before the end of the summer on S&S Records with singles from 5-time Grammy nominated producer Steve Silk Hurley, who along with DJ Skip, heads up the label.

See the video below:

Jameisha Trice Millennium Park Performance 2017

Facebook- Jameisha.Trice


Youtube JameishaTrice

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