Everyone Gets Praise From The “Queen Of Soul” Aretha Franklin While Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Gets Dissed

Sounds like Aretha Franklin, 72, is not a fan of Taylor Swift, 24, and Nicki Minaj, 31. The soul singer had just a few nice words or none at all about the wildly popular music divas in a new interview. You won’t believe what Aretha did say about them!

When asked about the popular singers of today’s generation, Aretha had some strong opinions. The singer sounded off on Taylor, Nicki, Adele and more in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Aretha said that Adele was a “good singer” and Alicia Keys was a “good writer.” However, that’s not the opinion she had of Taylor and Nicki.
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When asked about the “Shake It Off” singer, Aretha only replied, “great gowns, beautiful gowns.”

Hold up, that’s all?! Not one thing about her singing?!

Her opinion of Nicki, well, she really didn’t have one.

“I’m going to pass on that one,” Aretha said in regards to Nicki. Talk about some serious shade! Aretha seems to really not like Nicki as an artist!

She had nothing but nice words for the late Whitney Houston. “Whitney was a talent,” she said. “She had a gift.”

Either Aretha hasn’t listened to “Blank Space” and “Starships,” or she has and she doesn’t like what she’s hearing. Give them, a chance, Aretha!

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Hollywood Life

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