Did Rappers Endorse The Confederate Flag To Sell Music?

Ear Hustle 411 came across this interesting story from Complex which we found rather interesting.  Here we have so many African-Americans upset about the confederate flag all of a sudden yet supported and paid for music by all these rappers that endorsed the flag.

Could this be hypocritical approach with wanting the flag removed  from government building in the wake of the shootings in South Carolina by Dylan Roof or are the outcries a legitimate beef.

See what our source over at Complex had to say about this matter.

It’s still hard to believe, but the Confederate Flag is a source of major controversy in the year 2015. In light of the recent South Carolina tragedy which resurfaced the flag’s racist connotations, the country is divided between those who think it’s finally time to do away with this symbol of oppression and those who see it as a symbol of Southern culture and pride, irrespective of its use in history.

In the center of it all are rappers, especially artists from the South—and one outlier in Chicagoan Kanye West—who have their own complicated relationship with it, in terms of both endorsing it as a symbol of their hometowns and rejecting it for its ideals.

West drew a lot of heat back in 2013 when he outright tried to co-opt the flag as his own and featured it on various Yeezus Tour merch and clothing, branding it as “his” flag now. But of course, Southern rappers have been dancing around, and in some cases, with, the flag for years now in a complicated push-pull. Here’s a brief history of all the instances notable rappers co-signed or otherwise co-opted the flag.

Did Rappers Endorsed The Confederate Flag To Sell Music?

Where: Album cover, No More Glory (1997)

How: Album cover background, then as a blindfold on the back cover.

But: It’s burning. The blindfold too probably serves as more political statement than outright endorsement.

Did Rappers Endorsed The Confederate Flag To Sell Music?

Where: “Ms. Jackson” video (2000)

How: Confederate belt buckle

Did Rappers Endorsed The Confederate Flag To Sell Music?

Where: “This Tha City” video (2001)

How: Various members of Troy’s Atlanta hometown drape around the Confederate flag in the background.

Did Rappers Endorsed The Confederate Flag To Sell Music?

Where: Put Yo Hood Up album cover (2001)

How: Draped around his shoulder, flanked by the East Side Boyz

But: There are also two flags burning in the background. Is this an endorsement or a brazen dismissal?

Also: Jon and the Boyz continue rocking and displaying the flag in the album single’s video, “Bia Bia”

Rapper ludacris-confederate-flag2

Where: BET Awards

What: Full-body Confederate flag alphet

But: On the song Field Mob raps, “When you see that Confederate flag you know what it is/your folks picked cotton here, that’s why we call it the field.” And in the actual performance, Luda tears the Confed-fit away to reveal an Afrocentric, black, red and green getup underneath.

Did Rappers Endorsed The Confederate Flag To Sell Music?

Where: Yeezus Tour

How: Prevalent item in tour merchandise and pop-up shops.

But: He declared that he was reclaiming the flag as his own and stripping it of previous use and connotations. It didn’t quite stick.

Source:  Complex

Source:  Frazier Tharpe


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