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Famous For Disrespecting Black Women On YouTube Videos, Tommy Sotomayer Has Now Turned His Vengeance Towards Black Men

EarHustle411 is completely amazed but not surprised that a video would eventually be posted advocating the continued shooting of blacks.  We are not surprised by the individual who posted the video on YouTube.  Tommy Sotomayor who has gotten his claim to fame by posting videos on YouTube of his controversial “opinion” about various topics.  His latest video is not without elements of having shock value however Sotomayor makes it abundantly clear that he does not like “n****rs” and wished numerous times that something bad would happen to them.  However to pray that cops kill more black men is a but much considering the person doing the praying is also a black man.

Apparently it’s no secret that Sotomayor is known for being extremely controversial to the brink of making people constantly say WTF!!  His views on black women are quite abusive and past the point of disrespectful.  Now he has turned his vengeance towards black men and all we can say is it’s a shame that this man spews this kind of garbage.  He may even have some valid points but they are overshadowed by his delivery.

Take a look at the Sotomayor’s most recent video:

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