Ben Affleck Quits BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, Replacement is Idris Elba

Warner Bros.’s just announced that Ben Affleck, their controversial choice for Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman, has been forced to step down from the project. While this move is destined to spawn a horde of rumors, Warner Bros. has tried to clear up the mess as quickly as possible.

Remember that strange scheduling conflict we heard about earlier in the year? Ben Affleck was contracted to direct the pilot episode of the new Mafia themed tv show The Middle Man, which happened to be at the same time as the Batman vs Superman shoot. Well, we thought Warner Bros. fixed that whole problem, as they postponed the superhero team up flick to allow time for Affleck’s dalliance with television.

I guess we were all wrong, though, as Warner Bros. has cited that as the main reason for Affleck’s departure. Ben Affleck released this statement on twitter.

ben affleck batman vs superman tweet Ben Affleck Quits BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, Replacement Announced

Which leads me into my next big reveal. Idris Elba. That’s right, the badass actor from Pacific Rim, Thor, and Luthor is our new Batman. Even though I was one of the few folks in love with Ben Affleck’s casting, I’m absolutely THRILLED with Elba. He is the perfect Batman. Between his dark, brooding silver screen personas and his superhero frame, he could very well be the best Bruce Wayne we’ve ever seen.

Here’s Warner Bros. official announcement via Twitter:

idris elba batman vs superman1 Ben Affleck Quits BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, Replacement Announced


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