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Yes Liv Can “From Model to Lyricist”


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I was able to pull Liv away from her preeminent YLC Recording Studio for a two part exclusive interview, of which the second half will be released next month.  The Chicago, Illinois native was actually putting herself through college (University of Illinois) when she discovered her entrepreneurial abilities; being that of business management, modeling, ghost writing, rapping as well as a personal assistant.

From that point on her dedication for results took her from Chicago on to Miami and finally New York where her presence in the music industry was felt. Her renowned reputation with Ford Models alone could have taken her to a higher plateau but Liv was able to grasp upon the meaning of an assertive women.  She states that she is in representation of the women she would like to see more; that resilient, higher learning, no non-sense attitude having individual. It seems as though this prior, yet impressive resume of the emcee is merely the tip of the iceberg. Running her own record label, the current launch of her own modeling agency Sisters Modeling Agency and finagling the time to put out a music video each month are all tricks up under her sleeve.

While still managing to take on the role as a business consultant Liv’s criteria is not that of your average independent artist; indeed backing up her notion that independant artists work the hardest. In all this gained the recognition of some of the most predominant names in Hip Hop even spiraling off a small bit of controversy, inspiring her Invasion series.

Liv states that if she was not in pursuit of music then she would be an activist of some sort, expressing some of her deepest notions of what should or even could be. These moves that are being made are said to be for those women who actually utilize their knowledge and strengths from within, rather than body parts. The degree of complexity of which is displayed so effortlessly cannot go unnoticed, as she feels as though enough has not been done yet…

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