Chicago’s Mayor Emanuel Proposes Gas Tax Hike To Pay For Transportation Fix

Looks like the soon to be former mayor of Chicago is proposing some changes to aid in building the fund for the much highway, rail/trains, and bridge improvements. A gas tax increase to the tune of as much as $0.30 cents is being proposed by the mayor.

The residents of Chicago and Cook County should be outraged by this proposal. This is a heck of a request for someone who has chosen to not seek re-election.  Well, we guess the next mayor elect may have to bear the brunt of the feedback on this subject.

EarHustle411 will keep our ears to the streets on this subject and post updates as they emerge.

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Outgoing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the state’s motor-fuel tax should be increased to fund highway, rail/trains, and bridge improvements. They are looking to buy rail interior materials, cement for the highway and bridges, and other miscellaneous materials plus workers who will oversee the construction.

The Democrat and colleagues from the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus said Tuesday the 19-cents-per-gallon tax should be increased by as much as 30 cents. The caucus represents 275 municipal governments in Chicago and its suburbs.

Illinois Transportation Secretary Randy Blankenhorn called last week for an increase too. Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s cabinet members says three-fourths of the state’s bridges are in need of repair.

The tax has been the same since 1991. Consumers also pay sales tax on gasoline. While the idea is toward the betterment of transportation, people are not happy with the increase in taxes. This may still need some research before pushing.

Emanuel is not seeking re-election next spring. His advocacy provides a boost to Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker. Pritzker has promised a multibillion-dollar construction program but no details on financing it.


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