Woman in Michigan Must Purchase Rape Insurance To Have An Abortion


(Huffington Post) Women must buy the rider before they become pregnant in order to have abortion coverage, once the law goes into effect in March. Women who become pregnant through rape or incest must already have the rider in place for an abortion to be covered, leading some opponents to dub the riders, “rape insurance.”

Michigan is the ninth state to restrict public and private insurance plans from covering abortions, Nash told The Huffington Post. Only two of those states have providers with abortion riders available for purchase. Dave Waymire, PR consultant for the Michigan Association of Health Plans, also told The Huffington Post that the group does not know which insurance companies currently provide or would offer abortion riders in the future, and how they would be priced.

But currently, insurance abortion riders don’t actually exist in Michigan, the law’s opponents say.

“There are no riders in Michigan that we are aware of,” Lori Lamerand, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan, told The Huffington Post. “There are some riders available for some procedures, but there are certainly no riders for abortions here.”


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