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White Girl Mocks Black Historical Figure In Black Face On Facebook

How much more of nonsense can one take? I don’t know about you, but I am BEYOND TIRED of people making a mockery of our civil rights and historical icons.  Common sense would tell you  if you’re going to mock someone at least KNOW who you’re mocking!!

Harriett Tubman did NOT have to go to the back of the BUS!!!

Blacks are continuously mocked at every turn, even by their own race as well, that’s not condoned either.  We are all a part the Great American Melting Pot!!

This footage was shared by a mutual friend on Facebook, am I surprised by it..no I’m not, but appalled would fit right about now.

This is behavior of the most ignorant type which by the way is a “learned” behavior.   It keeps mess going and unfortunately it will continue because no one stands up and says anything!!



Source: Facebook


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