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WHAAAAT!!!…The Easter Bunny Was A Sex Offender…WOW!! [Video]

What the heck is going n in this world where a sex offender can don the Easter Bunny suit?? Michael Jacobs who had served time as a sex offender was hired by the Westmorland Mall in Pennsylvania as the Easter Bunny.  While Mr. Jacobs told news reporters that he had been searching for employment and the only job he had been hired for just so happen to be at the mall as the Easter Bunny.

Clearly, this man’s background check had not been looked at completely because there’s no way he should have been hired for a “character” position  that everyone on this planet knows appeals to children.  This is a serious problem and unfortunately Mr. Jacobs is paying he price for what he did yet again!!

Watch the news report:


Source: WTVM

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