Racist Who Lost Her Waitress Job Because Of Her Hunting N!**er Video Also kicked Out The Air Force

Racist Who Lost Her Waitress Job Because Of Her Hunting N!**er Video Also kicked Out The Air Force

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The Air Force has given the boot to a Missouri waitress after viral Snapchat video showed  her saying, “You get them n—–s,” the New York Daily News reports.

The recruit, Tabitha Duncan, 20, is “in the process of being released from her enlistment,” Lt. Col. Chad Gibson told the Air Force Times.

Gibson described the video as “intolerable,” adding that it “does not reflect the values of the Air Force.”

In the video, Duncan and a group of friends are seen shouting racial epithets while driving down a dark road, according to the Daily News.

One asks, “So we going n—-r hunting today or what?”

Another person is heard to respond, “We’re going n—-r hunting.”  Duncan, holding a beer bottle, then shouts, “You get them n—–s.”

The Daily News talked to Duncan, who apologized for her remarks. She said she has Black friends, after all, and this proves she is not a racist.

“I was underage drinking and I said something stupid,” she told the news organization. “I was intoxicated. I have Black friends. I have Black people in my family. I didn’t mean it.”

The dustup over the video prompted her employer, the Social Bar & Grill in St. Louis, to get rid of her right away.

The Daily News quoted the restaurant as describing the video as “vile, disgusting and offensive.” The restaurant said it immediately terminated the waitress after viewing it.

The Air Force Times quoted Duncan in what seems to be an attempt to take her apology even further, saying: “I need to seek help.”

Duncan enlisted in the Air Force Reserve about May 31, Gibson told the Times.

The Air Force Reserve Command learned of the video on Monday, he said.

“We expect all airmen to adhere to our core values, and treat others with a high level of dignity and respect,” the Times quoted Gibson as saying. “This is intolerable, and we’re taking actions in response to it.”



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