Want More “Trapped In The Closet”?? R. Kelly Discloses He Has Three Dozen Installments Waiting In The Wings

While not everyone is interested in supporting the next installments of R. Kelly‘s career, just days after a petition emerged calling for him to be removed from a festival line-up due to his past allegations of sexual assault, the veteran singer has responded by way of simply announcing his next series of projects.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

During a recent interview, the R&B heavyweight revealed some of his plans for 2017, including working on several movie scripts, keeping the option of touring on the table and releasing a plethora of new music.

‘Trapped in the Closet,’ I have 35 more chapters of that done,” R. Kelly shares during an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I’m very excited about that. It will absolutely be out next year. I’ll tour if it’s a major deal, but if not I might just chill and just finish writing my movie scripts.”

His 2005 hit “Trapped in the Closet” catapulted the singer’s career to new heights, solidifying his place as one of the R&B genre’s most influential figures, and it appears the story is far from fully being told.

The successful rap opera currently contains 33 “chapters,” and were released between the years 2005 to 2012. Now that there has been a bit of gap in releases, R. Kelly is looking to more than double the narrative in 2017.

In addition to expanding on “Trapped in the Closet,” the singer also reveals he has a R&B hip-hop album in the works as well. Looks like he’s gearing up to have quite a productive and creative year in 2017, riding the momentum from his 12 Nights of Christmas project well into the new year.

Check out R. Kelly’s recent sit-down with AJC in full here and revisit the song that started it all in the video below.


Source: BET

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