Homeless Woman Claims She Got Oral Chlamydia From R. Kelly After He Tricked Her Into Performing Oral Sex & Didn’t Pay Her

Homeless Woman Claims She She Got Oral Chlamydia From R. Kelly After He Forced Her To Perform Oral Sex &

A homeless woman by the name of Kenya Jones, a.k.a Kenya J claims that she was tricked by R. Kelly to perform Oral sex and explains in great details what happened in Inverness Alabama.

She said Kelly had just got through playing basketball and he asked her to get in his truck and told her he would give her three grand if she orally pleasured him.

She claims due to being homeless and broke she felt compelled to do it so that she could get food for her kids, she also claims she never did anything like that before.  She said she is on social security and needed the money to pay for her hotel.

After getting in the truck, she said he got verbally aggressive and made her scared.  She said his private parts had a foul odor and stink really bad.  She claims the way he looked at her made her feel vulnerable and he told her she had to do it for several minutes.

According to Media Take Out, ” After she asked about the $3000. He claimed that he didn’t have cash only a card. When she pressed him about the money he told her to get out of his truck. When she threatened to expose him, he told her that nobody would believe her. She was shocked by his reaction. When she begged and told him over and over again about her being burned out, he sat there with a smirk on his face like “B!tch, get out my truck”.

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