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Video Of Chicago Police Officer Fatally Shooting Young Black Man Has Been Released

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CHICAGO — The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has shown a video of a Chicago police officer fatally shooting a young black man — the second such video to be released in as many weeks.

The video’s release Monday follows an effort by the family of 25-year-old Ronald Johnson III to force the city to make public the video that they say shows an officer shooting him in the back. WGN reported earlier Monday that Officer George Hernandez will not be charged in the shooting.

The State’s Attorney’s office says Johnson was leaving a South Side party traveling in a vehicle with three other people. The vehicle took gunfire. The back window of the car was shot out. According to investigators rather than drive to a police station, Johnson and crew drove around and returned to the area where they took gunfire.

Investigators also say Mr. Johnson fired his gun out of the vehicle. There were several 911 calls from people who heard the gunfire.

When officers arrived they observed Johnson carrying a gun. Alvarez’s office says Johnson did not comply with orders made by the officers.

One officer approached Johnson while others drew their weapons. As an officer tried to arrest Johnson, he broke free. Then, five shots fired at Johnson. Two struck him.

The video is grainy but Johnson is seen running away. Police say there was a weapon in Johnson’s hand. It’s tough to tell by the video.

Alvarez says she can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer Hernandez acted inappropriately. Alvarez says this video was shared with the FBI last October and they declined an investigation.

Nearly two weeks ago, the city released a video that shows the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, who was shot 16 times. Officer Jason Van Dyke has been charged with first-degree murder.

Source: WGN TV

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