[Video] Milwaukee Woman Set House On Fire Killing One Inside All While Everyone Watched, Videotaped, Laughed & Did Nothing

A crazed woman in Milwaukee Wisconsin angry at a man allegedly for beatingher up set his apartment on fire all while neighbors watched, laughed and videotaped.

You can see the woman banging on the glass and then broke it.  She then walks off to obtain a red Gasoline canister and asks for a lighter.  The woman then pours the gas inside the home and sets it on fire.

The house immediately goes up in flames.  What is even more disturbing are the neighbors who watched this all go down and not one of them tried to stop her nor call the police.  You can hear them giggling and commentating all while the woman is burning down the house. 

The woman then walks off as if nothing happened and that is when the neighbors jumped into action all while some were still laughing.

Milwaukee police say A 72-year-old  man by the name of Willie Greer died in the fire, which they are investigating as a homicide and arson. Police confirmed they believe the fire was set intentionally and they are searching for a female suspect.

Relatives of the woman from the video said the woman had a fight with her boyfriend which prompted the arson, and they are begging her to turn herself in. They relatives said her boyfriend lived at the home but wasn’t there at the time of the fire.

Police are still searching for the suspect.

Ear Hustle 411 will keep you posted as we hear more.


See video below:

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