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Watch New Lifetime Reality Show Bringing Up Ballers

Bringing Pp Ballers.

New Lifetime Reality Show Bringing Up Ballers Cast.

Reality Show

Bringing up Ballers is a new Reality Show on Lifetime Network about Chicago Moms with hopes of their child becoming the next NBA superstar!!

Baller Moms go through great lengths and put it all on the line to make sure their children are successful. Your gonna see all the typical catfights, and drama of other reality shows, but the difference through all the wine glasses flying, is you can really tell these Moms care about their kids. Bringing up Ballers airs every Wednesday night on Lifetime Network at 9pm CST. Check out the preview below and tell us what you think?

Our animal names for the cast:

Nikki: The Bull

Johanna: The Shark

Peytyn: The Cougar

Heather: The Kitten

Tiffany: The Bobcat

About Bringing up Ballers:

Since there are millions of dollars to be made by becoming an NBA player, parents are getting their children involved in the sport at increasingly younger ages, hoping they can gain the skills necessary to make it to the big time. This series follows several Chicago-area women who are entrepreneurs and mothers of young basketball stars. The feisty ladies do whatever it takes to make sure their businesses succeed, and they have the same mindset with their hoop prodigies. It’s not easy to balance their businesses with their family lives and basketball, but the women are determined to make sure it all works out — even if it means fighting with the other moms to ensure that their own kids reach the top of the ladder.

Source: Lifetime Network

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