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University of Oklahoma SAE Frat Mom Caught On Camera Singing N****r, N****r, N****r…SMH!!

The University of Oklahoma situation with the white fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the racist video that surfaced has spawned some crazy debates and unfounded accusations.  EarHustle411 came across this video on YouTube and what you will see should be disturbing however considering the current situation with the students and members of the SAE Fraternity, it really is not.

Racism is ALIVE and unfortunately it is not going to die a fast death anytime soon.  All we can do as humans and citizens is express out outrage and not support those who exhibit this kind of behavior whether they’re white or any other color.  Unfortunately money rules everything and when we come across organizations and institutions that allow this kind of behavior to continue then it is time to stop spending our “colorless” American dollars with them.

Check out the video:

EarHustle411 applauds the President of the University of Oklahoma for his stance he has taken thus far.  It does show that behavior such as this will not be tolerated and it has no place in an educational system that is supposed to be open and available to all people regardless of race.  Kudos!!!

Source: YouTube


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