Tyrese Seeking Court Intervention Fearing His Ex-Wife Will Kidnap Their Daughter By Taking Her To Israel

Tyrese Gibson is concerned his ex wife Norma Gibson will try to kidnap their daughter, according to a new report.

The 36-year-old has filed legal documents attempting to stall his ex’s plans to holiday in Israel with seven-year-old Shayla, TMZ claims.

Tyrese is reportedly afraid that Norma, who is an Israeli citizen, will stay in the Middle East country and keep his daughter there.


The gossip website reports that the singer and actor attempted to get his ex to sign a contract pledging to bring Shayla back to the US by a certain date.

Now that Norma, 34, has allegedly refused to sign his contract he is seeking court intervention.

The conflict is now in the hands of a family court mediator.


Last year in February Norma summoned police to stop Tyrese from taking their daughter for a scheduled custody visit.

The Fast & Furious star was met by the officers when he arrived at Norma’s home in North Hollywood, California, to pick up six-year-old Shayla, according to TMZ.

Apparently Norma didn’t want to hand over the child, claiming she was too sick to spend time with her father.

Happy duo: Tyrese and his daughter Shayla pictured at a screening of Annie in October

Happy duo: Tyrese and his daughter Shayla pictured at a screening of Annie in October

Sources say she called the police to check the custody order and verify that Shayla should remain with her while she was unwell.

The star subsequently left without his little girl.

But while the police later told TMZ that no report was taken and the case was closed, Tyrese is said to be angry about the ‘humiliating’ incident.

Although they had been together since 2003, the couple were only married for 10 months before their bitter divorce in 2009. Shayla was born on July 11, 2007.

The star pays Norma $6,230 in support, plus he covers her rent, car lease and all Shayla’s expenses, according to the Daily Entertainment News.

However, in September, the former assistant at a modelling agency went to court asking for a raise in the child support, but the judge ruled in Tyrese’s favor.

Source: Daily Mail

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