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Turkey Chop Owner Quentin Love Gives Back More Than Love to His Community as He Feeds The Homeless!!!

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Turkey Chops owner Quentin Love is a godsend to the Chicago’s West-side neighborhood. He’s an ex-Marine who served his country in Operation Desert Storm and is now serving his community by providing free meals to the homeless and less fortunate every Monday. Being an entrepreneur and philanthropist is no easy task as it takes dedication, commitment and integrity.

Love started a chain of restaurants called Quench which had 8 stores throughout Chicago-land area. He later revamped himself and his brand and started his new chain of restaurants called Turkey Chop. Quentin Love’s primary goal is to build strong effective and healthy communities. EarHustle411 had the opportunity to chop it up with Mr. Love and here’s what he had to say:

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Can you tell us the history behind Turkey Chop and what made you decide to open this restaurant?

We started with the quench restaurant brands and we were committed to change we wanted a  broader audience so we re branded out to reach more people & target at risk neighborhoods and give them food but with a healthier twist. Our mission is to revitalize communities using food as a vehicle.  

Is there a reason behind serving turkey only and not Beef or Pork?

We serve chicken, turkey, fish & vegetarian meals supported by fresh vegetables & whole wheat products. Objective is to get you away from a diet that promotes diabetes & heart disease, obesity ,etc by giving you what we call the transitional diet.  

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Can you share with our readers your culinary background?

Traditionally taught by my grandmother( culinary master) & over the years I studied under some of the best around the city for over 15 years, no formal training just good ole hands on experience.  

We know that you are offering a healthier version of the food that you provide and are seeking to help the community; what was the inspiration behind giving out free meals?

We discovered that within that area and most inner city neighborhoods the people have lost hope . They suffer from social, environmental, mental, financial despair that leads to abuse in many ways which most of it comes from the assumption that this the best life has to offer, but when people help that are unexpected people can see that  hmmm , maybe something is possible then wow anything is possible. A good hot healthy meal when you may not have eaten in days or at least a proper meal creates the ability to think clear so that you can make the proper decision to not use drugs, sell drugs or commit a violent crime. Miracles happen when you show love.                                          

How often will Turkey Chop be providing this service to the homeless?

Every Monday forever.    

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How is Turkey Chop able to provide the food to feed the homeless in the community for free?

We receive a food grant from greater Chicago food depository that was structured by the love foundation, funds from Turkey Chop Gourmet Grill , generous donations from random strangers, loyal customers, family & friends.   

Do you plan on expanding this with other organizations or community restaurants?

We would to partner with whoever is passionate around ending hunger & we want to open turkey chops all over the city & the nation where there needed most & give back on Mondays at each location. 


If anyone would like to volunteer or donate how would they get in touch with your organization and who would they talk too?

Volunteering is easy, just show up at Turkey Chop Gourmet Grill anytime between 8am & 1pm on Mondays. Contact via email, Facebook or just give us a call us & our volunteer coordinator will direct you. You’ll have the choice to cook, prep, greet, serve, clean, fundraise, secure and whatever you enjoy doing, we’ll love to have you. Make checks payable to the Love Foundation or   Turkey Chop and mail or drop off at address below. We also accept PayPal is another option via email address below.   

Turkey Chop Gourmet Grill

3506 West Chicago Ave

Chicago, IL




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