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In believing that there is no one way to be creative this Westside of Chicago native Trinity is in love with all forms of music; from Drill to EDM. The emcee as well as disc jockey feels as though diversity in music is essential to the overall growth of the culture.

Trinity began her journey into the hip hop community when she just sixteen years of age and her open-mindedness has helped her to gain a mass appeal; without the major label backing. With that being said Trinity wants to earn money and not have it taken away from her, so a major league contract is out of the question.

Being able to not only listen to different music genres but relate to them as well, Trin has been able to develop her creative passion for ten years; simply spreading what she calls “chilled and soulful” music. If the emcee was not rapping then director would be within her pathway; as her creative ideas tend to spew over into music videos from time to time. Without the sex appeal, Trinity feels as though being a female in hip hop is of a huge advantage. Reason being is that even though the female emcee is highly doubted, the industry still gives them a shot just to see what they will make of it.

Along with Trinity I feel as though that one shot is all you really need in order to make your presence felt. Taking it a step further, showing them up while remaining an independent artist will virtually put you in a high demand situation. Trinity also feels as though not going against the grain is one of the leading factors of why the female emcee has a tough time within the industry; attempting to follow that “cookie cutter” mold is not the way.


Despite the backlash that she receives for not putting other female emcees on, Trinity thinks that Nicki Minaq still opened doors by just making people believers that female emcees can be better than the average male emcee. As a directing result the game is wide open and the female emcees of Chicago have taken much advantage of it. Along with the continuations of her DJ mixes, Trinity wants us to be on the lookout for her single entitled “Blue Ivy”…


“The female rappers coming out of Chicago have distinct styles so they are adding something new and fresh to the music world”…


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