Trey Songz Disses Young Fan Who Was Excited To See Him, Because She Approached Him With Her Back Towards Him [Video]

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A very happy and excited fan was at Trey Songz meet and greet in Chicago where she was videotaping herself as she approached the R & B Crooner stating, ” It’s my turn it’s my turn.

Apparently Trey Songz didn’t like the fact that she approached him with her back turned and embarrassed her by telling her ,” You gonna walk up to me with your back turned?  Turn the F ing camera off put it up.

Just this past weekend during the BET Awards Show, the legendary Smokey Robinson talked about longevity in the business, staying humble and not being full of yourself.

Apparently Trey Songz is not cut from the cloth where you respect your fans and treat them kindly.

 Maybe he thought she was supposed to bow down to him but Trey, that was not a good look… Two thumbs down… You never dis the fans especially a young girl who will have to go face her friends knowing someone she loved and admired treated her like crap.


Check out the video below and chime in with your thoughts.


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