Suge Knight Goes On The Arsenio Hall Show and Talks About Punching A Man In a Weed Shop And More

suge knight on talk show

Last week footage of former Death Row head Suge Knight punching a man outside a weed dispensary surfaced online. Suge had not spoken publicly about the incident until he appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show.

During the sit down with Arsenio, Suge explains that the relationship with the people at the pot shop started off on good terms, but when he found out the man’s name was “Zimmerman” Suge says that threw his “mood off.” Apparently, things got worse from there.

“When I get to the door, they buzz me in. They’re happy to see me,” states Suge. “This guy pops in and tells me [expletive] if people don’t have they papers right they can get killed in this [expletive].”

Suge also took the time to address the business side of the music industry while onArsenio. After speaking on D.O.C. and Dr. Dre’s contract situations while at Eazy-E and Jerry Heller’s Ruthless Records, Suge then claims that Interscope has given bad deals to The Game and Kendrick Lamar.

“If you look at Interscope, the two guys from Compton – Game, Kendrick Lamar – got two of the worse deals in the industry,” claims Suge. “Reality there’s more slavery now than ever.”

Source: AllHipHop.Com

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