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Strip Club In Las Vegas Advertise To Recent High School Graduates That’s Seeking Employment

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There are numerous ways to pay for college, some more conventional than others.

For those living in Las Vegas, there’s no shortage of opportunities for fast cash

“It fits in with Vegas. Vegas is always going to be Vegas,” said Little Darlings manager Rick Marzullo.

Marzullo was talking about ads recently posted outside his strip club, located near Interstate 15 and Charleston Boulevard. One sign reads, “Now auditioning the class of 2015,” another, “Pay your way through college.”

“We all know the economy isn’t that great, [and] it’s hard to find jobs sometimes. This is an open door for young women 18 years old and up to come and make some good money,” Marzullo said.

Marzullo said his club is always looking for entertainers, and with the cost of tuition continuing to rise, more and more women are turning to stripping to foot the bill. Girls can make up to $1,000 per night, according to Marzullo.

“Hundreds that are either in college or that have worked their way through college [strip or have stripped], and like I said, without one penny of debt, not having to take out student loans, not having to borrow money from family or friends or taking out loans from banks,” Marzullo said.

The sign has gotten a lot of attention as hundreds of thousands of people pass by it daily.

“It’s not a shock to me that people just kind of go along with the idea,” Las Vegan Kayla Garninger.

Garninger said the advertisements are offensive and send a bad message to young women.

“You could completely change the route of a woman’s life, of a woman who’s trying to progress and go to college and make something of herself. I don’t agree with it at all,” said Garninger.

Others said that for some, it’s the only option.

“They are consenting adults. I feel if that’s what they want to do, then they have a right to,” Las Vegan Julian Loiza said.

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