White Man Randomly Stabs Black Woman In Her Neck Shortly After Stabbing Another Woman In Vegas


A black woman by the name of Robin Woodfin and another unidentified woman were both stabbed by a 38 Year old white man by the name of Rydlin Caleb Hill  for no apparent reason.

Woodfin said she was on her way home from a doctor’s appointment on Friday afternoon and was waiting on the bus.  She said she felt an arm around her neck and then felt something poking her multiple times in her neck.

This happened near Spring Mountain and Rainbow bus stop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The man had just gotten through stabbing another woman and Woodfin was his second victim.

You can see the man in a black hoodie running from police who initially shot him with rubber bullets. After the guy continued running, they shot him with a real bullet injuring him.

Woodfin said while in the hospital, she looked over and the attacker was laying right next to her in the same room along with the other stabbing victim.


See Video Below:


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