Spike Lee Defends The “Chiraq” Movie Title [Video]

CHICAGO — Spike Lee held a news conference in Chicago Thursday morning to talk about his new film “Chiraq.”

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“Chiraq” actor John Cusack and Fr. Michael Pfleger, along with several parents whose children were victims of gun violence, were also at the news conference at St. Sabina church. A casting call for the movie was held at the church this past weekend.

“This is not a joke. This is not a game. This is real life and death, and that’s the way we’re going to approach this,” Lee said. “People act like they’ve never seen any of my films, like I just got pulled of the street. I’ve been doing this since 1986. In fact, everything I’ve done has led up to this film.”

“I am 100 percent sure that the great city of Chicago can survive a film of conscience, just like it did Transformers,” Cusack said. “I love my city of Chicago, all of Chicago, and I would never do anything to hurt it. I’m very proud to be in this film, to stand with Fr. Pfleger, with Spike, and the people of St. Sabina, and we will try to do a really good job.”

Mayor Emanuel is among several politicians who are concerned about the film’s title, which compares the city to a war zone.


But one industry publication says “Chiraq” is actually musical comedy, not a violent drama.

They’ll start working on it later this month.

Source: WGN

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