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Spike Up Your Inner Spirit


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Sometimes life can be so overwhelming that we tend to forget to take time out for ourselves.  We have to reinvent ourselves on a regular basis and to do so we have to learn to leave behind the things that we cannot control and allow them to either materialize or dissipate on their own.

God is in control of everything that we do, have and are, we must make the time to reflect in reverence of all that God has done for us in our lives.  Work, school and other things become priority and our personal self takes a back seat.

Here’s a few tips on how to spike up your inner spirit:

1.  Start you day out with a biblical scripture, do this before you get your day fully started.  This should prepare you for whatever the day may bring. Try www.theberean.org this is a great site.  It delivers a great daily scripture. 

2.  Take a short walk during your lunch break, refresh yourself for the second half of your work day and use this time to brush off any negativity that may have occurred at the beginning of your shift.

3.  Have a glass of your favorite drink when you get home from work.  instead of jumping right into fixing dinner, chasing the kids or doing more office work.  Relax and unwind put your feet up on the sofa and enjoy a nice cup of tea, flavored coffee or your favorite wine.

4.  After you’ve put the kids to bed (including the significant other too), take a nice hot bath and with some bath salts then curl up in bed with a good book or The Good Book and relax your mind before you call it a night and prepare yourself to do it all over again the next day.

When you wake up the next day to get your day started keep that daily scripture at the forefront of your mind and take your stride walk with a good song on your lips.  One can never go wrong with a Fred Hammond tune.  Let go and Let God!! 


Peace and Blessings


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