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Inspiration 1390AM Garners A Nomination For A 2015 Stellar Award For Station Of The Year

EarHustle411 and the writing staff are so very excited for iHeartmedia, Inspiration 1390AM and for Sonya Blakey the station’ s program director on their much deserved 2015 Stellar Award Nomination.


The station location on the radio dial has a long but very rich history (for the purposes of this post we’ll keep it brief) however,  prior to the current format of Gospel music and 5 call signs before WGCI-AM1390 (the sister station to WGCI-107.5FM) and then finally changed to WGRB 1390 AM in 2003. This station has been quite a few different formats from talk, blues, dusties, R&B to Gospel.  Needless to say this station has been through some tough times regardless of the many transformations, everything always works out for the greater good.

EarHustle411’s Media Correspondent SunShyne had the pleasure of speaking with Sonya Blakey about their 2015 Stellar Award nomination:

Sonya Blakey and the staff at Inspiration 1390AM were extremely gracious hosts to EarHustle411. Our visit was albeit brief but very productive, the atmosphere was very serene, it’s no wonder why Sonya Blakey was so laid back as we discussed the station’s nomination.

We are so very proud of them and we are claiming victory that they bring home a 2nd “Gold Flame” yes your read it right, the station won their first Stellar in 2009.  God is surely doing some great things at Inspiration 1390 and EarHustle411 was glad to be in the midst.

Congratulations to Inspiration 1390AM and Sonya Blakey, keep doing what you do.  The community at large needs you, we thank you and appreciate you!!

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