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“Son kills mom with ax’ then smiles for the cameras”

Son ‘kills mom with ax’ then smiles for the cameras


young man allegedly hacked his mother to death with an ax — then grinned for the cameras at his Long Island arraignment Friday.

Deranged suspect Sean Farrell, 24, called his grandmother after killing his mom — a nurse who helped care for sick children — to confess, court papers show.

“Sean told me he was scared and confused,” stunned granny Letitia Dunn told cops, according to documents.

Why so serious?: Farrell appeared almost aloof in front of the media, saying he would talk only to the judge

“He told me he killed his mom, my daughter, and that he was selfish and should have killed himself.”

Farrell, who relatives said suffered from schizophrenia, is accused of killing mom Bonnie Farrell, 45, in the family’s Medford home on Dec. 9.

Bonnie’s husband, Sean’s stepdad, Eric Connolly, 47, found her bloody corpse on the floor of their bedroom, cops said.

Brutally murdered: Bonnie Farrell was repeatedly struck in the head with an ax by her deranged son, police said

The son dodged cops by secretly admitting himself to Bellevue Hospital after the murder and then called Dunn on Dec. 15 to confess, court papers show.

Farrell was arrested Thursday and pleaded not guilty Friday to second-degree murder.

He was held without bail and placed on suicide watch.

Asked about the charges while being led out of a police station house, the wild-haired suspect didn’t deny his guilt. “It’s a long story,” he said. “I’m going to save it for the judge.”

Farrell’s grandfather, Gene Dunn, called the slaying “a double tragedy.

“We lost our daughter and our grandson. We love them both. We’re devastated,” he told The Post.

Gene Dunn said Farrell told his wife after confessing to the murder, “I hope nobody is mad at me.”

Wild haired mug shot

The granddad said Farrell suffered from schizophrenia and took medication to contain it but that he had stopped taking the drugs in recent weeks. His worried mother “was going to take him to the hospital the next day,” he said.

“Nobody saw this coming. We’re all blaming ourselves,’’ Gene Dunn said.

The victim worked as a nurse at Angela’s House, a Hauppauge non-profit organization that helps families with “medically frail’’ children, according to its Web site.


Source: NYPost.com

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