“Since Getting Evelyn Lazoda Pregnant, Carl Crawford Takes his Ex to Court for a Reduction in Child Support”


Apparently things have gotten pretty ugly between Carl Crawford and his ex-Amy because the L.A. Dodgers player is taking her to court, TMZ reports. According to court documents, in October Amy and the kids moved from Arizona—where she has lived for the past 12 years—to California.

While Amy reportedly claims that she made the move so that the children can be closer to their father, Carl insists that she put the family home up for sale and took the 9-year-old out of school just so that she could take advantage of California’s more favorable child support laws.

As a result, Carl is requesting that a judge block Amy from relocating. This entire scenario seems extra messy. It’s funny, you usually hear about men petitioning to keep their baby mama’s from moving their children further away from them; but this guy is complaining that his kids are moving closer. Go figure. Neither party has yet to comment on the case, but it will be pretty interesting to see how this is all plays out. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.


Source: Madamenoire.com

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