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Shooting In Englewood Leaves Little Girl In Critical Condition [Video]

All of this violence for no apparent reason has got to come to a screeching halt because it’s the innocent children who are being injured or losing their lives while those who are doing the shooting are doing so like they are meeting up at the OK Corral.  EarHustle411 came across a video on Facebook posted by a young man talking about how someone started shooting and the bullets fired struck a little girl. As the video continues to roll the man can be heard saying that there were more than 40 rounds shot but only one it the little girl and all this violence is ridiculous.  He states “this is what you have to deal with in the hood”.

It was reported that the shooting took place somewhere around 1pm and the child was playing in front of her home.  Apparently three vehicles drove down the block of 6000 and Paulina when occupant of  one of the vehicles began shooting unfortunately striking the little girl.  Reports also stated she was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital where she was listed in critical yet table condition.

The time has come for the people in the communities ravished by the unnecessary violence to rise up and take back your neighborhood.  This little girl is fighting for her life and for what because someone felt the need to shoot at someone and MISSED their intended target.  Something is really wrong!!

EarHustle411 and the writing staff sends our prayers to the family of the little girl and will post an update as it is released.

Warning: Graphic Language

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