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Shaun King Posts Racist Email He Received And Was Briefly Blocked By Facebook…Really!!

Something is really wrong when people who posts all kinds of negative things on Facebook, like sexually explicit photos and videos, extreme violence against humanity (people and animals), racist videos and the list goes on and on and it seems like no one is getting suspended or “reprimanded” by Facebook for all that mess.  However Shaun King was the unfortunate recipient of a racist email and of course he took to Facebook with the situation.  He posted a copy of the email and low and behind he was blocked briefly by the powers that be at Facebook under what would have been considered a violation of the “Facebook Community Standards” policy.

Now we’ve all either experienced it or know someone who has been blocked or has had their Facebook pages permanently removed for violations they claimed violated the policy.  This is all hogwash because if it was such an issue why would Facebook allow “adult themed” pages to be created on the site?  Even though Shaun King’s pages was eventually restored Facebook’s supposed community standards policy is severely flawed and to be truthful it could not possibly be “manned” by an individual.  It seems like it’s automated to some degree to recognize certain offensive things and then it kicks in.  If you’ve ever posted a video that contained music from let’s say Prince, Michael Jackson, or even Guns ‘N Roses and had it immediately deleted because of copyright violations within minutes of it being uploaded.  No human works that fast but technology does!!

Well at any rate the situation was so unfortunate considering the circumstances surrounding the suspension. 

Read more about Shaun King’s short dilemma as reported by Mediaite:


Photo Credit: Shaun King (Facebook)

Facebook hasn’t been having the best couple of days recently. First it trends a fake story about Megyn Kelly getting fired, then they temporarily ban an important historical image, now the social media site has apparently given Shaun King the boot after he reposted some profane hate-mail he recently got.

King is a well-known figure in the #BlackLivesMatter community, and he frequently presents himself as an outspoken figure with his social justice columns for New York Daily News. On Friday afternoon, King tweeted out a notice that he has been locked out of his Facebook account for the rest of the day.

Photo Credit: Shaun King

Photo Credit: Shaun King

Photo Credit: Shaun King

Photo Credit: Shaun King

While it doesn’t appear on his Facebook account and might have already been deleted, it would seem that this is the email in question that King posted:

Back in 2015, King got in trouble on Twitter after he doxxed a CNN employee while he was ranting against the network. It is unclear whether a similar issue is at hand this time, though King said in his tweet that he kept out the sender’s email address when he posted the message on Facebook.

UPDATE – 5:38 p.m. ET: After several hours of his ban, King received a new message saying that his removal was accidental, and he has been granted his account again.

Photo Credit: Shaun King (Facebook)

Photo Credit: Shaun King (Facebook)

Source: Mediaite

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