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A Black Family Are Called “N***as” By The Owner And Are Put Out Of Hog Wild BBQ Restaurant In Midlothian, IL

Enough has to be enough!! When black people are spending their hard-earned money in a place of business to turn around and be treated like they are less than dog mess, it’s really time to make a personal change of where your money is worth spending.  It doesn’t matter how “good” your food is alleged to be, no one should be treated like they don’t matter.

EarHustle411 came across a post on Facebook where a black family were celebrating with their relative who was set to leave for school.  They chose to dine at a Chicago suburban establishment “Hog Wild” located at 14933 S Pulaski Rd, Midlothian, IL owned by father & son Walter & Steve Pikorz.

The young woman shares on her Facebook about a white worker at the restaurant came to their table and advised them they had been their too long and they needed to leave.

Take a look at the post:

Photo Credit: Kelly Haynes Facebook page

Photo Credit: Kelly Haynes Facebook Page

The woman has received overwhelming support for her terrible experience. Many has stated they will not be patronizing this business.

EarHustle411 has researched reviews of this establishment although many have praised Hog Wild there equally as many who have expressed their discontent with how the place treats people.

Again when is enough going to be enough? The best way to combat blatant racism is to affect their bottom line.  The underestimating power of the black dollar shall soon come to an end.  This place may have gotten the family’s money this time but you best believe a negative experience will travel farther than a positive one.

We hope this blatant racist behavior doesn’t happen to another family however given the state our world is in currently its highly unlikely that it won’t happen again.



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