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Sean “P. Diddy” Combs Says Colin Kaepernick Would Be The First To Be Signed If He Were To Purchase The Carolina Panthers

Music mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs posted on his Instagram page about the latest news in football. The Carolina Panthers are up for sale by the team’s sole owner Jerry Richardson.  In most recent news Richardson has been hit with allegations of sexual misconduct and racial impropriety.

Word around the offices of the Carolina Panthers is the owner has a “fixation” with the women on “Jeans Fridays” where he was allegedly known to make inappropriate comments at the women.  Reports are circulating that the NFL has interceded in the investigation.

Photo Credit: Sean Combs(IMDb), Kaepernick (Getty Images), Carolina Panthers(Panthers website)

However Sean Combs has pleaded with his followers on social media on how he would be a great owner and he would address the issue surrounding Colin Kaepernick.  He posted a truth that there aren’t any African-American majority owners in the NFL and Combs says he wants to buy the Panthers.

Combs wants his fan to spread the word on his desire to own the Panthers, interestingly enough Steph Curry has announced he is on board and he wants in.  Forget playing football, even Colin Kaepernick has made it public that he wants to join in with Combs and own the Carolina Panthers.

Well how about that!!  EarHustle411 hopes Sean Combs and anyone who is entertaining the idea of joining him with purchasing the team rise to the challenge.  Word has it he team has a hefty price tag of over $1 billion dollars.

Check out Sean Combs’ video as posted on Instagram:

Source: Instagram

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