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Kid Rock Says “F*ck Kaepernick Football Is About Ready To Start”…WOW!!

Colin Kaepernick just can’t catch a break!! So many people have made their stance clear and they’ll boycott the NFL and many have said they will not boycott however the “All American Rocker” Detroit born Kid Rock has made his side clear right along with the expletives to go with it.

Kid Rock couldn’t have been any more dissin’ with his comment as he said “Football’s about ready to start,”  “You know what? (expletive) Colin Kaepernick.”

Welp….wow just about cuts it huh??

Read more as reported by CBS Detroit:

Photo Credit: Kid Rock (Starcam.net), Colin Kaepernick (Google)

I have a feeling after every single NFL game this season, there will be a story about the players who kneeled — or didn’t kneel — during the National Anthem.

Just Monday night, a group of Cleveland Browns players, including former Michigan Wolverine Jabrill Peppers, as Game of Thrones would say “bent the knee” during the anthem.

Over this weekend Detroit’s own Kid Rock performed at the Iowa State Fair and decided to talk about the player who started it all, Colin Kaepernick.

According to the desmoiesregister.com:

Aside from selling “Kid Rock for U.S. Senate” shirts at $25 apiece and running a brief photo of President Trump during an in-song photo collage, Rock kept politics out of his Iowa show. That was until the bridge of “Born Free,” when he decided to share his thoughts on the upcoming National Football League season.

At that moment, the singer delivered a short message for NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The former San Francisco 49er gained attention in 2016 for protesting the National Anthem prior to games.

“Football’s about ready to start,” he said. “You know what? (expletive) Colin Kaepernick.”

Rock is the highest paid act in Iowa State Fair history and reportedly netted $600,000 for the show. This is the second time he’s thrown out that same insult against Kaepernick. He did the same thing a year ago at another show. Audiences applauded both times.

Near the end of this show, Rock thanked all the fans who showed up. The most expensive ticket was around $90.

Source: CBS

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