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Remembering Local Legend Valerie K. Landon: A Beautiful Spirit

A friend reached out to me trying to recall the name of a young lady from our radio days in the 90s.  He described her and for the life of me I could not remember her name.  So I asked a friend who this person may be and to my surprise he said it was Val Landon.  As soon as I read the name I screamed YEEEEESSSSS THAT’S HER NAME!!!

She was the News Director at WGCI back in the 90s.  She served in her position very well and love what she did for a living. I was also advised that she had passed away.  To my surprise I had not known this at all and a sense of sadness came over me.  What rock have I been under in all this time?  I do remember Val Landon quite well.  She had a spirit about her that made everyone around her immediately loved her.  Her presence in a room was so peaceful and she had this voice that was so soothing and calming; one most definitely made for media outlets.  It was just a blessing to know her and I’m glad was a part of the radio family that I love dearly.


Every once in a great while you come across a person that has a gentleness about themselves and there isn’t much that happens in life that can make them step out of their God-given personality.  If there was an award I could personally give to Val Landon for her contributions to the industry that shaped the person I am today it would be the Golden Angel Award.


The saying that people are in your life for a season is true.  Val Landon was a young 39 years old when she passed from a heart attack and stroke on March 6, 2004.  Last month would have the 10th Anniversary of Val’s transition to The Greatest News Desk there is.

Rest In Radio Paradise Ms. Val Landon!! Thank you for your contributions to the radio industry.  Keep looking down on us from time to time and your radio family will know when the soft winds blow that it will be kisses from you from Heaven.

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