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It’s ironic that the world leaders and the United Nations (same thing) are mourning the death of Nelson Mandela because the Nelson Mandela story is really an embarrassment to the European Community. Now you know that the SCRIBE tries desperately not to slant (take sides) when writing a story but this one is going to be hard because of the facts on the ground.




You had revolts all over the slave colonies in South America, Central America, North America and the Caribbean, there was great loss of life and great loss of wealth. It was from this backdrop that the Europeans held a meeting in Belgium called the Belgium conference. The Berlin conference was hosted by King Leopold (nick named the butcher) and the purpose of this conference was to divide the continent of Africa among the European nations. See the map below of West Africa.



You would do well to note that not one African King, Chief or Prince was present at this meeting and that this will be a common theme under the League of Nations and the United Nations! After the conference was over the Europeans rushed off to Africa and began re- enslaving the African people thru the system of  colonization.




The League of Nations was the good old boys club that was formed in 1918 after the Belgium Conference and just like its counterpart (Belgium Conference) there weren’t any black nations in its membership. The league of nations never objected to the exploitation, violence and subjugation of the people of Africa, including the people of South Africa. Put your thinking cap on , why wouldn’t the League Of Nations champion the cause of the poor African? That’s simple because the  Colonial Powers were the members of the League of Nations, they created the institution. The League met its demise in 1946 when it was dissolved but another good old boys club was to emerge from its dust and that would be the United Nations.


The United Nations was formed in 1946 by guess who? If you said the good old boys club it would mean that you are catching on. You see the same Europeans  that formed the Berlin conference, also formed the League of Nations and also created the United Nations. Guess what? In the year that the United Nations was created not one…..African King, Prince or Chief was invited….not one……. to be a member. Now that I have laid the foundation for the Nelson Mandela story it was from this backdrop that a situation like South African Apartheid (means to separate) could have ever developed.





Between the years 1958 and 1964 twenty-six nations in Africa began to give the proverbial boot to the Europeans and expelled them from the continent. Now slow down for a moment and get the point of this piece, at the exact same time that the Africans were gaining independence on the continent of African the Negro in American was involved in his own revolution. These events took place at exactly the same time! If you take the time out of your busy schedule and listen to Martin Luther Kings speech on revolution, he explicitly says that if we ( The Negro) want to be part of this global or world revolution. The Europeans were being kicked out of Africa, Asia and was in the throws of the Negro revolution in America. The American historians called it the Civil Rights Movement but in actuality it was a Negro revolution. This global awakening was so profound that the leading spokesman for the European elite, Zbignew Bresznisnki, came up with the phrase the Global Awakening. Zbignew said that it was the first time in the history of man kind that an entire globe had awakened at once. What do you suppose was the impetus in this global awakening? The Television, the Television was invented in 1948 and seven years later you had the so-called Civil Rights movement. Twenty six nations in Africa  expelled the Europeans  from the continent  between the years 1958 and 1967. Was the Television set the undoing of the European hold on the poor of the earth?




In the year 1973 the United Nations declared apartheid a crime against humanity, now why would they do that? It’s simple, you remember those twenty- six nations that had kicked the Europeans out of West Africa? They were finally allowed to sit at the United Nations as members of the human family. Now who do you suppose initiated the language (crime against humanity) on the United Nations floor concerning the Apartheid regime in South Africa? If you said the newly accepted African leaders you are indeed correct. Now we get to the good part, why do you suppose the Europeans tried to hold on to South Africa for as long as they did. You have to remember that South Africa didn’t gain its’ independence until the year 1994. It was the mineral wealth of the country, South Africas’ mineral wealth is estimated to be at least 20 trillion dollars! That consists of diamonds, gold, Chronite ore and Vanadium. Nelson Mandela was interested in freedom for himself and his people but the big game in town was the mineral wealth of the country. Who were the real players in this drama? Try the International bankers (banksters) they had the most to lose and the most to gain.



I know that some of you think that the South African people are independent and all of Africa for that matter but l will let you in on a little secret. The Europeans never to be outdone came up with an ingenious plan, shhhhhhhhh……..be very quiet …….this is what we will do, we will loan paper money (paper money=fiat money =money that has no value) to the Africans and charge them huge interest rates, which they will never be able to pay back. The paper money that we will lend them will not be backed up with gold so the paper is worthless. The Africans won’t know this….shhhhhhhhhhh…be very quiet someone might be listening…….as I was saying then we will invent something called Free Market Enterprise, this is a system where we will be able to use this worthless paper money to buy up the infrastructure of Africa……shhhhhhhh…did you hear something………silence…..once we buy up the infrastructure of the continent then we can dictate who their Presidents and Kings will be…..round of applause….what a grand idea! Now almost one billion people on the continent of Africa will be slaves again and we won’t even need a pistol. This is what happened to the people of Africa after they gained their independence they got fooled with the pretty paper money. South Africa and all of Africa has been recolonized again not by force of arms but thru loans and interest, loaned to them by the I.M.F and the World Bank.


We bid you farewell Nelson Mandela I am sure in the great congregation you will receive a great round of applause for you have one helluva testimony. The SCRIBE has come to the end of his scribbal…….as always….stay righteous all of you no matter what the color of your skin.



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