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Race Played A Major Factor Says Minnesota Governor In The Shooting Death Of Philando Castile

Where in the handbook of public safety are the regulations that a traffic stop must result in the death of the vehicle’s occupant?  This unfortunate situation has happened all too often where a traffic stop turns deadly. You do remember Sandra Bland don’t you? Philando Castile and Alton Sterling both lost their lives by overzealous police officers who took an oath to ‘serve and protect’.  So what exactly does that mean? Serve the community, receive a tax payer sponsored paycheck but only protect those who look like you?

Gov Mark Dayton

Photo Credit: State of Minnesota

Unfortunately that is the case lately and when the Governor of Minnesota spoke out and says for the record that race played a factor in the shooting of Philando Castile, there is your real problem. Race plays a factor in almost everything we do, but does it have to be that way? No it does not however that is the state of the world we live in today.  Sadly, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious preferences are all put on display for people to be judged by and it does not move progress any faster or make things better.

The problem we have in “America” now is that the lives of its citizens don’t matter primarily black lives.  Even though the media will portray the African-American community like animals because of highly publicized black on black crime.  In reality all races have issues, it’s just that only the mishaps and plight of black people seems to make the news on a consistent basis.  When not long ago a white man took it upon himself to walk into a church in Charleston, South Carolina with the intent of killing black people, who’s attorneys are saying his proposed fate which is ultimately death as being unconstitutional.  But if a black man had done the same thing in a white church, the case would have been tried, closed and the lethal injection process done and his death confirmed by the doctor…moving on!!

The issues with the police has escalated beyond the scope of being ‘incidents’ to being classified as ‘huntings’ and why wouldn’t it be when blacks are being called animals anyway. How much training does one have to have to treat a human like a human? Public servants have a responsibility to serve the public to the best of their ability, but if police officers are ‘afraid’ of the community they serve maybe it’s time to find a new profession.

Source: (videos) Washington Post

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