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“R. Kelly Responds to Past Molestation Accusation of Underaged girls”


R. Kelly has responded to The Village Voice article, where journalist Jim DeRogatis spoke on the singer’s alleged molestation of underage black girls. In an Atlanta radio interview, when asked what his thoughts were about the article, he said, “Well I feel like I got the football man, and I’m running towards the touchdown and if I stop and look back  I’ll mess around and get tackled.”

He added, “When you get on top of anything, it’s very windy. It’s about holding your balance once you get up there…Spiritually, I’m a climber. Long as I got my fans screaming my name, around the world, and buying my records and supporting R Kelly. Man, everybody that doesn’t agree with it can listen to the last song on Black Panties.” The last song on the album is called “Shut Up.”

  • Meanwhile, during his CRWN interview with Elliot Wilson, R. Kelly revealed whether or not he believes the alleged molestations tarnished his legacy, he said, [“Jesus struggled and went through things . . . and people slandered him. I feel like if Jesus could go what he went through, who am I? (laughs) I’m nobody, just a guy from the hood that just do this music, you know.”]


  • [“Well, you know . . . in this business man, . . . you just never know what you’re gonna see. I’m not closed to nothing. I’ve never been closed to anything. As long as it’s correct and as long as it comes right, and the business is right and my lights is right, we good. I’m cool with it.”]


Source: 1019Online.com

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