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Prince Andrew & The Under-Agee Sex Slave: Duke Denies Claim In Court Papers That Teen Was Picked To Sleep With Him By Robert Maxwell’s Daughter

Prince Andrew and the under-age 'sex slave': Duke denies claim in court papers that teen was picked to sleep with him by Robert Maxwell's daughter

Prince Andrew abused an underage girl at an orgy where she was being used as a sex slave, it was sensationally claimed last night.

In an extraordinary legal allegation, a woman said she was ‘forced’ to have sex with him at parties in London, New York and the Caribbean.

Last night the prince issued a strongly-worded denial, with Buckingham Palace saying ‘any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue’. But his alleged victim immediately hit back by saying she would not be ‘bullied into silence by aggressive attacks’.

The woman – named only as Jane Doe #3 but said to be 30-year-old Virginia Roberts – says in court documents she was told to ‘give the prince whatever he demanded’ by his friend Jeffrey Epstein, the US billionaire paedophile who hosted the sordid parties.

She claimed she and other underage girls were ‘procured for sexual activities’ by Ghislaine Maxwell, the socialite daughter of crooked tycoon Robert Maxwell.

Miss Maxwell is alleged to have facilitated the prince’s ‘abuse’ of the girl, after helping Epstein to convert her ‘into what is commonly referred to as a sex slave’.

Miss Maxwell is described as a madam and ‘a primary co-conspirator in [Epstein’s] sexual abuse and sex trafficking scheme’.

Legal documents lodged with a court in Florida name Andrew, 54, as one of three men allegedly involved in abusing the woman 13 years ago when she was 17 – which is underage in Florida state law.

The bombshell papers state: ‘One such powerful individual Epstein forced [her] to have sexual relations with was a member of the British Royal Family, Prince Andrew, aka Duke of York.’ The claim names three locations, saying one involved an orgy with numerous underaged girls. It alleges: ‘Epstein instructed Jane Doe #3 that she was to give the prince whatever he demanded and required Jane Doe #3 to report back to him on the details of the sexual abuse.’

Epstein, a long-term friend of Prince Andrew, was one of the best-connected men in America until he was jailed for 13 months in 2008 for soliciting girls for underage prostitution.

The prince stayed friends with him despite his conviction and they were seen together in 2011 after Epstein’s release from jail.

Last night a Buckingham Palace spokesman said: ‘This relates to long-standing and ongoing civil proceedings in the United States, to which the Duke of York is not a party. As such we would not comment on the detail.

‘However, for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.’ Until now Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on stories around the case, but last night lawyers for the prince advised his private office to release a statement, given the high-profile nature of the latest legal salvo, which made headlines around the world.

His accuser countered with a statement issued through her lawyers that said: ‘I am looking forward to vindicating my rights as an innocent victim and pursuing all available recourse. It appears that I am now being unjustly victimised again.

‘These types of aggressive attacks on me are exactly the reason why sexual abuse victims typically remain silent and the reason why I did for a long time. That trend should change. I’m not going to be bullied back into silence.’

Although she was not named in court documents, she was being linked in America to Miss Roberts, who as a teenager was photographed standing next to Andrew.

Jane Doe #3 has made similar allegations against Harvard Law School expert Alan Dershowitz and a French model scout. Professor Dershowitz strenuously denies the claims, telling the Politico website: ‘It’s totally, unequivocally and completely false’.

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Source: DailyMail.co.uk

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