Pennsylvania Fire Chief Who Called Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin A “No Good N****r” Has Been Removed

It’s amazing how the imminent threat of unemployment can make a person in authority realize their mouth has written a check the townspeople refuse to cash.  It’s never appropriate for a person in any capacity to call anyone a “no good n****r” because they choose stand up for what’s right and then be bold and say “yes I said it” like they deserve an award for their racist shenanigans.

Photo Credit: WXPI (Fire Chief Smith) & AP (Coach Tomlin)

Fire Chief Paul Smith of the Cecil Township evidently may have saw the errors of his ways for his racist post to Facebook about the Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin saying “he just added his name to the list of no good n****rs” because he quickly apologized after all the backlash from the people in his town.

In his apology to CBS he states “I am embarrassed at this,” he said. “I want to apologize. I was frustrated and angry at the Steelers not standing the anthem. This had nothing to do with my Fire Department. I regret what I said.”

The Cecil Township Board of Supervisors obviously didn’t feel his apology was enough to recover from the embarrassment of his racist rant and therefore made a decision to remove him from the position also stating they are deeply disturbed by the comments made by the former volunteer fire chief and they do not condone them.

One has to really ask themselves if a person like this can be so angrily frustrated to the point where they result to spewing racial epithets are they fit to be in a leadership position and particularly one where it serves the community.

Former Fire Chief Smith isn’t the first nor will he be the last to publicly say how they “really” feel about the ongoing debate with the NFL and the taking a knee to the flag and national anthem however when will enough be enough?  Many will say “but he apologized” and that’s all well and good however there would be nothing to apologize for had he not got in his personal feelings about the situation.  Apparently the Board who rendered his fate didn’t think his apology was enough.

There’s a saying that goes “what’s in the heart eventually comes out the mouth”.   Chief Smith simply spoke what was in his heart at that time and unfortunately what he felt at that moment was his downfall.

Smith doesn’t get a pass for his racist rant because he apologized as his apology was rendered because he was being put on blast for his personally selected poor choice of words in which he solidified with a bold “yes I said it”.

Hopefully in the future those in position of authority will take notes from this situation and be mindful what they post on social media.  As disturbing as it is and with racial tensions at an all time high, we don’t foresee this being the last time something like this will occur.  The question is will the public continue to give people in positions of authority a pass for “airing out” their racist behavior?

We think the people have had enough.

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