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Jamie Foxx Gets Called A N***er While Dining In Croatia He Captures The Incident On Video

It’s shameful that racism, is so prevalent across the globe.  Actor Jamie Foxx just happens to be the target of racism while dining in Croatia. Apparently he was called a n***er in the Croatian language   It seems the days of respect of person regardless of race, color, creed or even stature means absolutely nothing.  Everyone is a critic people of color are catching it all over, one can’t even enjoy a trip abroad without experiencing some form of racism.  European areas are expressing their discontent with people of color more boldly than ever before.  Clearly it’s a page taken out of the book from the supposedly “United” States of America.

Read more as reported by Daily Mail:

Jamie Foxx’s reaction just moments after he was subjected to racial slurs while dining at a Croatian restaurant has been captured on camera.

The Hollywood star, who is in Dubrovnik filming his next movie, posted videos and comments on his Instagram page about the shocking incident on Monday.

In his comments, which have since been deleted, Foxx mentioned an offensive racial term being hurled by two men, aged 44 and 50.

The term, according to Total Croatia News, was ‘crncuga’ – which means ‘n*****’.

Croatian police said Tuesday disorderly conduct charges have been filed against the two men who allegedly targeted ‘one of the guests on racial grounds’.

The police statement did not name Foxx as the target.

Police went on to say they are investigating whether to pursue other charges against the men.

Croatia, like other European countries, has seen a rise in far-right sentiments in recent years.

Foxx is in Dubrovnik, a resort on the Adriatic Sea, filming Robin Hood: Origins, in which he plays Little John.

The Lionsgate retelling of English folklore stars Taron Egerton as the titular thief. Otto Bathurst is directing the action film, also starring Tim Minchin, Eve Hewson, Jamie Dornan and Ben Mendelsohn.

A day after the alleged racial slur, Foxx said on his Instagram profile he has his ‘mind blown’ by the beauty of Dubrovnik.

He exclaimed: ‘For a young boy from Terrell, this is blowing my mind just a little bit. I have seen some s*** but this right here….I’m all the way from Terrell, Texas, don’t tell me your dreams can’t come true.

Source: Daily Mail

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