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Paralyzed Swedish Man OverHeard Doctors Talking About Donating His Organs While Still Conscious

Jimii Fritz

A Swedish man who became paralyzed after a stroke is now filing an official complaint against a hospital where he overheard doctors talking about donating his organs when he was still conscious.

Two years ago, Jimi Fritze suffered a stroke in Gothenburg, after which he was transported to a hospital. When he arrived, he was completely paralyzed but still fully conscious. After doctors performed a brain scan, they alerted Fritze’s girlfriend and family and told them that he wouldn’t live. Then, in an even more nightmarish turn of events, the doctors started to talk about organ donations and Fritze heard the whole thing:

“I heard them talking about donation, they wanted to do some tests on my liver and my kidney, so they could give them to some people,” he said.

Still, he could do nothing to alert anyone to the fact that he was fully conscious.

“I was scared because I thought that I was going to die then, and a hard death,” he said. “I remember I thought, what will happen if they cremate me, will I see the fire and feel the fire?”

Fritze was not declared officially brain dead, yet doctors at the hospital acted like he was going to die. Luckily, a more experienced doctor took a look at his x-rays and believed he would make a full recovery, which proved to be true just a few days later when he began responding by nodding his head.

Now, after two years of rehabilitation, he has filed a complaint with Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Hospital that officials are taking “very seriously.” Fritze can now move and speak but remains confined to a wheelchair, something that may not have even happened due to the work of a few careless, crazy doctors.

Source: Gawker.Com


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